A Vivid Dream Turned Reality.

The sweetest Valentines Day gift, I ever imagined.

Anna Woods


My Junior (compliments of the author)

So dreams do come true.
This weekend my sweet man and I decided to look at puppies. (If you read my post about the dreams I had of Junior, you will understand the significance)

We had a big “talk” about how we were just going to look and we would come back another time to buy him. I shook my head in full agreement.
Little did I know my boyfriend had other intensions..

We arrived at the puppy shop and there he was.
So quiet, so calm, so sweet. The sweetest, most cutest puppy there. I was instantly drawn to him and couldn’t look at any other puppy.

I held him close and looked at my boyfriend. His response?

“Happy Valentines Day”

He turned and looked at the shop clerk and said, “we’ll take him.”
And that was that.

Now, please, enjoy these pictures of the new member of our family (I can’t get enough of him!

Junior’s most favorite chew toy, even after chewing his puppy bone down to pieces! (from the author)
An afternoon nap in the sunshine :) {taken by author}
The day we brought him home with Dad (taken by author)

I hope you enjoyed those, many more to come, and hopefully some sweet victory stories of how well he’s been potty trained (pray for us!).

If you have a restless puppy, check out this YouTube Channel: A Dreamy Place. Junior almost ALWAYS calms right down or goes right to sleep as soon as we play any of the videos from this channel.

Victoria Gregg wrote this endearing piece about her sweet Lily. The love she had for her badass girl is the love I can already feel I have for my Junior. Read her story here:



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